Nuance Nude Toothbrush (Limited Edition)

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Swiss smile goes fashion! With nuance, swisssmile creates a catwalk for the presentation of new and at the same time timeless fashion.Thus fashionable or cultural tendencies are taken up and reinterpreted with strictly limited editions of the swiss smile ultrasoft toothbrushes. The modern classic "nude" is the beginning, which, with its honest, unadulterated colors - cherry blossom and porcelain - makes even the clearer design of ultra soft toothbrushes even clearer.The unique swissSmile ultrasoft toothbrushes have up to 9 x more and thus more dense and finer bristles than commercial toothbrushes. The softly rounded CUREN® filaments remain stable and not only achieve excellent indentations around the interdental space and the gingival margin, they also help to smooth the teeth and gently stimulate the gums.

With nuance, swisssmile interprets fashion trends on the ultrasoft toothbrushes, which have up to 9 x more and thus denser, finer bristles than commercial toothbrushes.
The first, limited edition is devoted to the tendency nude.


Place a hazelnut-sized piece of toothpaste on the toothbrush and hold it like a pencil. At an angle of 45°, place the thumb on the oblique faces of the octagonal handle. All the tooth surfaces must be carefully cleaned without pressure with small circular movements - half on the gum and half on the tooth.

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Contains: 1 cherry blossom & 1 porcelain colored toothbrush