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Golden Tooth-gel & Ultra Soft Toothbrush

This valuable tooth-gel contains gold in the shape of exquisite 23.75 carat gold dust and provides perfect caries protection. The gold plated ultra soft tooth-brush is the perfect companion.


This valuable tooth-gel contains gold in the shape of exquisite 23.75 carat gold dust. With its anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties, gold effectively supports dental care in cases of susceptibility to caries and gingivitis. Its unique formula also contains a physiological protein, which naturally occurs in saliva and protects teeth from demineralization. The uniquely gold plated ultra soft toothbrush has nine times the number of individual bristles of ordinary brushes, making them much finer and denser than their standard counterparts. The gently round-tipped CUREN® filaments softly, yet thoroughly clean interdental spaces and gingival cuffs while protecting the teeth and simultaneously stimulating the gums. The ultra soft toothbrush –gold plated with stylish black bristles – is the perfect companion for this precious transparent tooth-gel. Together they epitomise the essence of luxury dental.


Apply a hazelnut-sized amount of toothpaste to your toothbrush and hold like a pencil. Position at a 45° angle by placing your thumb on the slanted surfaces of the octagonal handle. In small circular movements – half on the gums and half on the tooth – gently and carefully clean all of your teeth.